Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Jewelry Polishing Cloth 
When being cared for properly, jewelry can last a lifetime. The jewelry polishing cloth definitely can help you with that. Why? Two sides of the polishing cloth will explain all:
Side  Material Function
Polishing surface Suede Microfiber Fabric Prevent scratches
Buffing surface Suede Fabric Remove stains & tarnishes


Jewelry Polishing Cloth
Now you know why 😍😄
Sajewell will always give you a jewelry polishing cloth in each of your orders. I hope all pieces of jewelry are permanently shiny and clean with you ❤

Extra Tips:

  • You can use this polishing cloth with other jewelry materials, watches, sunglasses, camera lenses, smartphones,... 
  • When you use it to clean silver jewelry, you should use some silver polishing liquid to clean the damaged or dirty surface before cleaning your silver jewelry with it.

Can I Wash A Polishing Cloth?

  • Do not launder the polishing cloth because water can remove the impregnated polishers within it. 
  • Keep in a dry place, avoid water or wet to remain long-term effective.

Can I Reuse A Polishing Cloth?

  • You can reuse it many times, even after it turns black. 
  • I suggest you purchase a new one only when you see it no longer shines your jewelry.

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