5-WHY About Sajewell?

Xin chào, hello, Sương's here. There are so many questions people have been asking me about my business. And frankly, I am always thrilled to answer those. Here are the five most important and also interesting Why questions I have ever been asked:

1. Why did I change my business name and slogan?

Why did I change my business name and slogan?
Suong Anna Accessory ➡ Sajewell
I am my own model ➡ We are our own models
"A brand took lots of time to build; your audience and customers have known yours as Suong Anna Accessory" - my friends said. There are some of the most significant reasons:
  • About the name: I wanted to build an online accessory shop in 2020, and from a fine jewelry shop at first, I could expand it into an accessory one. However, after selling jewels for one year in Vietnam, I realized that the fine jewelry industry has been growing big and fast lately. Therefore, I want to focus on only jewels and develop my business and customer service.
  • About the slogan: When it was "I am my own model," I wanted that when people speak it out, they unconsciously mean themselves. But now, due to the socialization in the "new normal," I'd love to spread more share and love in our community. Then I changed from "I" to "We."

2. Why Sajewell? 

S is short for Suong, A is short for Anna, and Jewell means the wellness of my jewels. It's representing all about my business and what value I want to create and connect with all people.

3. Why do I use English for the website?

To further my business development in both domestic & overseas markets, I want to set English as the primary language for my site. 
    But don't worry, if you need any assistance, I'm always here trying my best to respond to all your texts and calls in both languages. Moreover, about the checkout page, if it's too difficult for you to book orders, you can book them through messenger. All the information you have to give is only your name, phone number, and address.

    4. Why are my jewelry products expensive?

    I don't only sell jewelry, but I also sell its value. I'd love to bring a lovely shopping journey to all people. And I especially care about how y'all feel when shopping in my shop, how the quality of the jewels is, and what you receive in your packaging.
    Happy customer experiences
    feedback from Merianne with her student 

    5. Why are my jewelry products cheap? 

    It's fascinating when I'm asked both questions, the first one by a Vietnamese and the second by a foreign customer.
    It's undeniably saying the Vietnamese currency is lower than other ones from the USA or Europe. As I'm selling in Vietnam, I'd be happy to let people access high-quality but affordable jewels. 
    Thank you all for reading this blog post! I hope these above answers now can answer your questions about Sajewell. Please leave a comment below if you want to get to know more about my journey, my shop, or anything ❤❤❤
    With love,
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