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Xin chào, hello, my name is Sương. I was born in a super lovely beach city - Danang city, Vietnam. (if you haven't been, highly recommend 😊) Currently, I am in my final year of majoring in e-commerce at the Danang University of Economics and having an internship in the POD (print on demand) industry.

Shall I start my story?

Like many other girls, I happily wore gold necklaces I purchased from the high street or online shops, but due to the poor quality, I got a bad allergic reaction on my neck, then I couldn't stop feeling itchy & ended up with a lot of ugly scratches. After all, I had to dump the necklaces and face that it was a waste of money. That's why I opened Suong Anna Accessory - now Sajewell and have chosen Titanium as my jewelry's material - both tarnish-resistant and friendly to some of you with sensitive skin. My designs tend to be timeless, elegant, minimalist, and make your everyday look effortless.

Suong - Sajewell founder
First time having 10 orders in a day ^^
Besides being the founder of Sajewell (founder but not that formal, I'm just a girl who tries to make her dreams come true), I'm also a product manager, photographer, social media manager, order fulfillment specialist, brand designer & now a blog writer. I must say that I used to have no idea, no skills about retailing, online business, customer service..., and especially, practical business work. However, I have to admit that I'm a hard worker, really eager to learn, try new things & discover my potential. (I want to post more stories about my processes, including the ups and downs of doing business. I hope you love them; and somehow, this consistency & diligence can be positively inspirational to you) And yay, thanks to various tasks during one year of starting my business, I've been able to learn, experience, and improve a lot. I hope time by time Sajewell will bring better experiences and give more value to you all.

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#throwback This is my very first order, this was actually from my mom. She is one of the most supportive customers I have had. Then sisters - Nâu, Bơ, Cải (sisters' nicknames - how we call each other at home); friends - Phúc, Trang, Hiếu, Ngân, Boy...; cute customers from around the world and a lot of people then.

first order from momfirst order from mom

After all, I want to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all your inspiration, motivation, and support. Please leave a comment below if you want to get to know about my journey, my shop, or anything ❤❤❤

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