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PE Film Jewelry Box

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PE Thin Film Suspension Jewelry Display Box
Dimension: 88.5*88.5*20mm

Weight: 50g
Material: Polyethylene Film

Perfect for: Showing your favorite collection; enhance your sense of fun, pride, or treasure, very suitable for drawing medals, coins, challenge coins, casino chips, jewelry, pins, tactical patches, and other displays.
▪ Space-saving: Help you reduce countertop clutter and store jewelry.
▪ Dustproof and sealing: Easy to prevent scratches caused by storing jewelry in the open, and it is dustproof to prevent the jewelry from being oxidized due to direct contact with air and dust.

Product Material

▪ High-quality PE film: good elasticity, high transparency, and good recovery. After use, the PE film might deform, but it will restore to its original state with a breath of hot air.
▪ Unique 3D floating frame: The frame window makes your collection float between two transparent flexible films, adding a 3D effect display to create an impressive and eye-catching display.

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