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In the twenty-first century, with the development of human awareness, mankind, in general, have already self-conscientious and formed a more logical notion related to the physical beauty of ourselves. However, the past concepts, which especially emphasized the relations between certain physical characteristics and human personality traits, still existed today. Among these relations, monolid and double-eyelid are the most mentioned ones, along with the related beauty concepts that have caused major concern in humans’ awareness.
Monolid Eyes
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Before diving deep into other aspects, it is necessary to know some of the basic concepts of monolids and double-eyelids. The difference between monolids and double eyelids is due to the fold line formed on the eyelids - those with obvious, noticeable folds will be considered to have double eyelids, and vice versa, those having faded or almost absent folds will have monolids. These fold lines are usually genetic or artificial. By artificial, it means that the eyelids are created by cosmetic surgeries. According to statistics, at least 50% Asian community owns monolids - this is also one of the most distinctive visual features of this population compared to Western residents.
Then, are monolids attractive?
With current concepts of beauty, monolids are normally not exalted because of the fact that eyes are considered to be the window to the soul, the features showing the emotions and charisma of the face most clearly. With the characteristics of the monolids being small and quite shallow, those with this type of eyes are often regarded as unattractive, emotionless, and even some people are also perceived as lethargic and lifeless. More specifically, the skin pigmentation or hairstyles can be changed based on geographical and ethnic factors. Double eyelids are one of the most common universal beauty norms worldwide, regardless of age, race, colour or gender. Because of that, wanting to have a double eyelid is no longer strange, mainly for the reason that the fold lines on the eyelids will make their faces look more harmonious, the eyes will be bigger and more vibrant. Consequently, these people do not seem to hesitate to look for numerous different methods, mainly through plastic surgery to achieve their desired appearances.
Some of the simple methods that can be mentioned are using eyelid size gels, eyelid size patches, etc. However, all these measures are only temporary – the folds will disappear a few days after using, and those can even cause some damage on the eyelid area owing to the extremely sensitive skin of the eyes. Beside some finest solutions such as eyelid pressing and eyelid cutting are often used successfully and brought great efficiency and safety, some individuals - due to economic conditions - may go to beauty salons and get cutlery interventions to attain their desired appearance. Especially considering the state of many salons operating illegally and not ensuring the hygienic quality in Vietnam, this method has a lot of health-related risks like eye openings, eyelash flipping, scars, dry eyes, eyes’ skins damage, mucosa swelling, blood coagulation or even postoperative complications.
Monolid Eyes
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Additionally, it is impossible to forget about the relationships formed between owning one eyelid and some other personality features. In folklore, there are a lot of idioms about anthropology; however, from a modern perspective, it shows a narrow-minded and prejudicial mindset, for example, "One eyelid, if not slutty, is deceptive" or "People with small eyes like eels / Boys are thieves, women are human traffickers". Our ancestors conceived, eels usually lived in fishy, muddy places, and often huddled. Therefore, those who have eel eyes (small eyes, difficult to open) also have personalities that are frivolous, and shifty. This is the only misleading and non-logical judgment, such conventional perspectives have exacerbated the problem of obsession and body - consciousness, which eventually leads to an increase in the need for plastic surgery, and has misled people's own thoughts about a very normal Asian appearance. Imagining that the whole world carries such prejudices about an ethnic group, when racism is normalized through the seemingly smallest actions, how long has the lives of Asian people in the West been disparaged?
Eventually, in terms of aesthetics and relations with related personality characteristics, it is easy to see that one eyelid or two eyelids are not completely dependent on the human personality. One’s appearance is not only judged on a stereotype – aura is not formed by whether your eyes are big or one eyelid - but the attitude of life and love toward yourself as well as reverence for those around you will determine how beautiful one is. That’s why, dismiss the relative norms of appearance or personality, be proud and treasure yourself in your own way, and try to fight old prejudices and protect those who are still hurt by the ancient doctrine. Only by solidarity and mutual respect can each member of society rise and shine in their own unique ways.
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