Normalizing Women's Body Hair

In ancient times, to remove hair, fishermen used to pluck mustaches with shells from their mouths so that they would not get frozen and cause frostbite.
By 1870, women were still mixing toxic arsenic into hair removal creams, regardless of the fact that this use of this mixture could cause vomiting and dizziness, even coma and death. In 1970, it was estimated that removing hair with the Tricho system caused more than a third of radiation-related cancers in middle-aged women.
It is conspicuous that in the past, from ancient times to the late 20th century, the removal of body hair was rare and difficult. Humans used to have to use many painful but ineffective hair removal techniques, even putting their lives in jeopardy to be able to remove unwanted hair. However, with the strong development of science and technology and information technology of modern society, we can easily see the popularity of various types of hair removal, razor, body hair removal. What is worth mentioning here is that, for today, the false idea that women must be "smooth" to be clean and attractive has been propagated non-stop.
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First, from a scientific perspective, hair exists almost all over the human body except for the soles of the feet, hands, lips, and some other areas. Depending on the host factor of each individual, the amount of hair growth is more or less, and hirsutism or thinning is caused by the number of androgen hormones produced by both male and female bodies.
Having hair would be a completely normal story if the standards derived from hair to evaluate the appearance and comparing between men and women appeared. For men, it will be a blessing if they have thick hair on their arms and legs because that is the way to make a man masculine, attractive and appealing. On the contrary, women are often assumed to be lacking in aesthetics as well as femininity and some other one-sided notions.
A female friend once shared with me a story about a time you went swimming with your lover and wore a bikini. Since childhood, she already has more hair than the girls around her, from leg hair, arm hair, and even wing feathers. However, she has never thought about getting rid of them, simply because she feels it is completely normal, it's the body her parents gave her, why should she feel ashamed of it. Until later, when the person she loves is a person who is very focused on appearance, she tries to find ways to remove that hair, in order to save face for her lover.
Even though you trimmed your hair before you went swimming, all you got back that day was an angry text from your boyfriend: “Why are you so hairy despite being a girl? Then you still tried to wear a bikini, do you know how embarrassing I am to everyone?”
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The story of the girl above proves that women have guilt or even risk their hair, more or less affected by the assumptions of outsiders. Although it is completely normal for girls to have lots of hair, there are still people who are surprised and consider it an unusual and different thing. It is also a problem that exists in today's society because many people still follow the old way of thinking that only boys have a lot of hair, while women often have little or no hair on their bodies. Additionally, it stems from an absurd way of thinking people impose on women in general, that girls must have white, smooth legs and arms, and those who go against that norm are considered as the "sluts", the apes, the eccentric and ugly girls.
Back to the stories of women in the past, shaving has been a concern but is still not a very common and dangerous thing, because the people at that time did not have effective tools and awareness. Although it is clear about the effects of hair removal, in the 21st century, due to the growth of advertising campaigns by razor companies, bleaching creams, and a series of beauty standards, we have prompted the idea of women having to shave their hair making smooth hair a "beauty standard". However, there is one thing that cannot be denied that "beauty standards" are always endless, and can not be reached in any era. On the race to the standard of beauty, there is so much pressure on the shoulders when people keep trying to move forward, especially for women - who are inherently defaulted to beauty but there is no strong voice in society.
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The story of a girl with natural hair on her body is not just a personal preference, opinion, and lifestyle. It's also a matter of society's compassion and beauty standards. Being hairy does not make people become ugly. Or because, the beauty of women depends only on the hair on their body and the perspective of strangers, and they suddenly become ugly just by having thick hair and being comfortable and confident and living together. with it? Please confirm that a woman's body is a woman's, and they have the full right to decide on every hairline. Therefore, please do not cling to unreasonable aspects to evaluate or judge female body hair, because that is just a very normal thing of physiology.
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